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Ivystrike Of Pebbleclan Empty Ivystrike Of Pebbleclan

on Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:57 pm
Name: Ivystrike
Age/Gender: 31 moon old ftm tom
Sexuality: homeromantic asexual
Clan: pebblely
Rank: deputy
Appearance: Dark brown coat with lighter lynx points. Yellow eyes, has sleek fur.
Scars: one on his left shoulder, a couple on his tail, one his right hind leg and on his left eye.
Personality: Cares a lot about others and is a bit of a mum.
Skills (highest to lowest): Fighting, speaking, hunting, swimming.
Mental Health (optional): Ehhh it's ok.
Kin: not doing this rn
Mate: Amberspirit
Backstory (optional):

Rosemary and Davekat is life
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