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Tylokia Of Nysia

on Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:33 am
Name: Tylokia Nydra (Tie-luk-ia)
Age/Species: 19 year old Nysian
Gender/Sexuality: Female Lesbian
Role: Red Paladin
Psychical Injuries/Deformities: She has small scars just above her right wrist, and a scar just above her hipbone on her left side.
Personality: Protective, alert, quite serious and hard to relax, but can have fun once she's relaxed. Very family orientated. Will go to the ends of the universe to protect her family.  Has a deep hatred for her government, as the higher-ups are selfish, getting the rich richer and leaving the poor to fend for themselves.
Mental Injuries/Deformities: Having to deal with a very real threat of death everyday has damaged her mentally.
Species-Specific Things: Has scales on her cheekbones, chest and upper arms/hands that change colours depending on her moods. Sheds scales every two months, lasts for two weeks, very cuddly and touchy during this because the chemicals released act as a natural pain killer. Naturally tough.
Skills: Hunting, Fighting, cooking, dancing, knowledge of flora and fauna, other survival related skills, sewing, singing.
Relationships: Sisters: Niada(15), Lyren(8 ), Zylokia(6), Kyla(3) Brothers: Rylen(20, dead), Mylen(17), Alrun(10), Mother: Sandy, Father: Atron, 5 Uncles, 7 Aunts, 8 Cousins, 1 Grandfather, 3 Grandmothers.
History: From a early age she was taught how to hunt, how to survive on her own and how to care for others. As the second oldest of a poor family, she'd also spend quite a bit of time teaching the younger ones. It wouldn't be surprising if she'd eat less if the others were hungry, or overwork herself. Things became difficult after Rylen died-Rylen had been a part of a protest, the local guard had come to squash the protest with force. The commotion had drawn in a Zythem, a large wolf-like creature. Rylen had gotten hit by a stray bullet, and the wound quickly became infected. He had died 3 hours after that-all Ty had wanted to do was lie in bed and grieve. But as the oldest, she had even more responsibilities. After 6 months things went back to normal, or as normal as they could be. Just before she left, she heard rumors of a rebellion against the King.  
Misc: Her bayard turns into a sword, carries a picture of her family everywhere with her, family doesn't have much money.
Posts : 845
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Re: Tylokia Of Nysia

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:35 am
Rylen: 19
Tylokia: 18
Mylen: 16
Niada: 14
Byaner: 11
Aldun: 9
Lyren: 7
Zynokia: 5
Kyla: 2

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