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Rosemaris Astelle Brooks Empty Rosemaris Astelle Brooks

on Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:14 pm
Name: Rosemaris Astelle Brooks
Nickname: Rosie, Rose, Maris, Astelle or Stellie
Age: 16
Gender: Cis female
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: She’s unsure but knows that she isn’t straight
Pronouns: she/her
Appearance: She has long and wavy dark green hair (she wants to cut it short and dye it red) and bright sky-blue eyes. She has a (athletic) pear shaped body and tanned skin as well as hundreds of freckles from going outside so often.
Typical Clothes: She is normally seen in distressed jeans or denim shorts, sometimes with ¾ leggings, lace-up boots that are just above her ankles and crop tops with roses (and a burgundy jacket if she gets cold).
Personality: She keeps things to herself and is very afraid to speak her mind. She’s had trouble with friends before which currently leaves her with none. She loves to read and uses books as her escape.
Mental Disabilities: Anxiety and a pretty bad stutter so she doesn’t talk much
Physical Scars/Disabilities: When she stutters she will clench her fists which has left half-moon nail marks in her skin.
Family: Her father Tristan, her mother Scarlet, her older brother Adam and her younger sister Lori
Partner: Nobody yet
Power: She’s a half dryad
Other: She wears glasses with black circle frames but only for reading and is tallish

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