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Starr Zen Nikovi Empty Starr Zen Nikovi

on Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:24 am
Name: Starr Zen Nikovi
Age: 16
Gender: cis female
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bisexual panromantic
Pronouns: she/her
Appearance: Dark-chocolate-coloured skin with partial heterochromia (her eyes are green with browny-gold flecks) and short, curly dark blue hair
Personality: Bubbly and funny, likes to crack a joke at random points to try and lighten the mood. She uses her hilarity to hide her awful mental state and family problems
Mental Disabilities?: Depression and minor anxiety
Physical Scars/Disabilities?: A few on her upper arms and legs from self-harm
- Mother: Ciara River Nikovi
- Father: Sipho Tempest Nikovi
- Brothers: Aiden Farrah Nikovi, Caden Asphyr Nikovi
- Sister: Amahle Saphyre Nikovi
Partner: none (yet)
Power: Shapeshifting and weak mindreading
Other: Short

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