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Quailfern of ShadeClan Empty Quailfern of ShadeClan

on Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:13 pm
Name: Quailfern
Age/Gender: 33 moon old tom
Clan: ShadeClan
Rank: Fighter
Appearance: grey and white tabby with green eyes
Scars: one above left eye and three long scars along right flank
Personality: funny and likeable, would protect his family at any cost. Flirtatious
Skills (highest to lowest): Fighting, joking, climbing, stealth, running, flirting
Mental Health (optional): fine
- Mother: Redfeather
- Father: Jaytooth
- Sister: Opalstone
Mate: Tigerberry
Kits: Oakkit, Rainkit, Emberkit, Fadedkit
Crush: Tigerberry (duh)
Backstory (optional): When he was born, no-one believed he'd live longer than 2 moons. He surprised everyone by becoming stronger than Opalkit, and bigger. As an apprentice, Lynxpaw caught his eye. When Lynxpaw vanished, he was devastated, but his grief couldn't match Opalpaw's agony. Eventually, Quailpaw started taking a liking to Tigerpaw, but it was obvious she was afflicted by Snowpaw. Quailpaw started attempting to flirt with Tigerpaw, but she either didn't notice or didn't care. Dejected, he stopped.
As a warrior, Quailfern watched Opalpaw train hard at becoming a medicine cat, after changing halfway through her hunter apprenticeship. She caught up to the other medicine cat apprentices quickly, and earned her full name Opalstone. Quailfern was delighted, but didn't see how Opalstone was still agonised. (wip)

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