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Bailey Eilish Hunter Empty Bailey Eilish Hunter

on Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:32 pm
Name: Bailey Eilish Hunter
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexual/Romantic orientaton: Demiromantic Pansexual
Pronouns: she/her/they/them/whatever because she doesn't mind
Appearance: She has a curly brown pixie cut, ocean blue eyes, and her cheeks and nose are dotted with freckles (i really freaking love freckles lol). She is also around Kat's height, but a bit taller.
Physical Injuries/Deformities: She has a missing pinkie finger on her left hand because of a cooking incident (she can't cook for shit and accidentally sliced it off)
Mental Injuries/Deformities: Nope
Personality: Basically she's sick of everyone's shit and how mean people are. She'll stand up for anyone, if they deserve it, even if she doesn't know them. She's always there for her friends and isn't afraid to speak her mind, which sometimes isn't a good thing.
Main Clothes: She wears grey ripped jeans, a white shirt, a denim hoodie-jacket thing and black cons
Family: She has her dads, Julian and Jasper, and her older brother Micheal
Family Background: Irish, English and Scottish
Skills: Standing up for people, making friends and drawing (not cooking lol)
Accessories: She always wears a black woven bracelet and a dark grey beanie (always)
Crush: None
Partner: None
History: She grew up in Australia with her mum, her dad and her brother Micheal. Her life was the same until when she was about 6. Her mother realised that she wasn't Julia, and became Julian. The kids at school teased her for having two dads, but, honestly, she couldn't care less. Her parents eventually taught her what she should say back and Bailey started to stand up for herself and her dads.

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