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Alexia Audra Beaumont Empty Alexia Audra Beaumont

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:39 pm
Name: Alexia Audra Beaumont
Age: 17
Gender: trans girl
Sexual/Romantic orientation: Bisexual panromantic
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Appearance: shoulder-length red hair with pale skin (around the same as Kat, maybe a shade darker) and vibrant green eyes. Medium height and slightly muscly.
Physical Injuries/Deformities: none
Mental Injuries/Deformities: none
Personality: Fiery like her hair, but is terrified of people finding out she's trans because of the massive amount of hate directed at trans girls (you're just saying that to peep on girls, you're gonna rape real women, etc)
Main Clothes: baggy grey shirt with the words 'I Worship Pizza' in white with denim jeans and purple shoes.
Family: Mums are Adalene and Abella, brother is Jacques
Family Background: French
Skills: Art, reading, writing, standing up for friends, shouting
Accessories: two piercings, one in each ear
Crush: none (yet)
Partner: none (yet)
History: Alexia doesn't remember much of her childhood, but what she does remember was she always preferred to play with the girls rather than the boys. When she came out as transgender at 14 years old, her parents happily allowed her to start puberty blockers and oestrogen. When she requested a new name, however, they got a bit angry. "We took forever choosing your name!" "But your name is a good name for a boy!" After repeatedly telling her parents that she was not a boy, they finally agreed to use a new name and pronouns. Going to school was difficult for a bit while the name in the system changed, but when it did Alexia was so happy. She'd been born in Australia, but her mums had always spoken French at home, so going to an English-speaking school was weird at first. When her baby brother was born, she cared for him like the best older sister ever.

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