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Jack Temple Aadland Empty Jack Temple Aadland

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:10 pm
Name: Jack Temple Aadland
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Trans boy
Sexual/Romantic orientaton: Pansexual panromantic
Pronouns: he/him/his
Appearance: short green hair, dyed and styled after his favourite youtuber (who is no longer green). Short, paleish skin (in between Kat's and Ami's skin colour, maybe) and green eyes
Physical Injuries/Deformities: scars on his wrists and legs
Mental Injuries/Deformities: had depression at one point (this count?)
Personality: Quiet, doesn't speak about his home life much and everyone assumes something's wrong. Intense love for his friends and would literally die to protect them.
Main Clothes: knee-length green shorts and a t-shirt that says 'MY PRONOUNS ARE HE/HIM, THANKS' with the trans flag on it.
Family: Dad is Matthew, mum is Christina, sisters are Amelia and Ava
Family Background: English
Skills: Stealth, reading, empathy, compassion, swimming, public speaking
Accessories: one piercing in right ear
Crush: none (yet)
Partner: none (yet)
History: When Jack was a kid, his name was Emma. His parents tried to raise him as a feminine girl, but Jack completely threw that out the window when he came out as trans. His parents went batshit crazy and turned his room upside down, finding the binders and packer and throwing them out. Aghast, Jack ran away from home for a bit, but was brought back by the police. His parents made his life living hell. His older sisters protected him from his parents attacks, and found a friend he could stay with. His parents eventually brought him home, and while Amelia and Ava were gone on a trip, they told him over and over; 'You. Are. A. Girl.' He struggled with depression when he was 13 years old, hurting himself in his struggles. He re-emerged from the depression at 15 years old, and moved away from his family to supportive relatives. Now he's at a different school going by the name Jack, instead of Emma.

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