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Amitalo Velázquez Tamayo Empty Amitalo Velázquez Tamayo

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:20 pm
Name: Amitalo VelázquezTamayo
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexual/Romantic orientaton: Pansexual homoromantic
Pronouns: She, her, her's
Appearance: Dark skinned, tall, curvy shape. She has blue to sea-green ombre hair. She has blue eyes and is relatively ripped. Her face is freckled
Physical Injuries/Deformities: none
Mental Injuries/Deformities: nada
Personality: Flirty, outgoing, loud. She's a social being and loves to be the center of attention. She also loves to dance, mainly hip hops (she likes moving her hips and her ribcage((like me don't judge me))
Main Clothes: She wears short shorts, short skirts, t-shirts, crop-tops, high heels, and boots.
Family: Brothers: Damián - 4, Alejadro - 7, Enrique - 12, Zacarías - 20 Sisters: Sofia - 15, Elisenda - 19, cousins: 3, 5 aunts, 4 uncles. Mum: Rosa, Dad: Cristian
Skills: Dancing, flirting, cooking, singing
Accessories: She has feather earrings, a piercing on her left eyebrow and wears slim bangles.
Crush: maybe some people at her school
Partner: nada
History: will go through it later

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