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Manuelita Letoya Marisol Empty Manuelita Letoya Marisol

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:03 pm
Name: Manuelita Letoya Marisol
Age: 18
Gender: Agender
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Asexual Panromantic
Pronouns: They/them/theirs
Appearance: milk-chocolate coloured skin and short brown, pixie-cut style hair and dark dark brown eyes like the bottom of a pond. Thicc
Physical Injuries/Deformities: none
Mental Injuries/Deformties: none
Personality: loud and out there, doesn't take hate well. Enjoys watching their enemies fail.
Main Clothes: black trackpants, a shirt that says 'My sexual attraction is NAH' with the ace flag on it and a dark grey hoodie, galaxy patterned sneakers
Family: All dead, lives on their own
Family Background: Spanish and a tiny tiny bit of Irish
Skills: Writing, reading, technology, humour, running, swimming
Accessories: Rainbow sunglasses
Crush: None
Partner: None
History: Hasn't told anyone (plus I'm too lazy to think of one haha)

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