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Patchedstar of SmokeClan Empty Patchedstar of SmokeClan

on Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:29 am
Name: Patchedstar
Age/Gender: 39 moon old tom
Clan: SmokeClan
Rank: Leader
Appearance: mostly white with brown, ginger and black patches and blue eyes
Scars: one down his right flank from his right shoulder to his back leg,
Personality: snappy to the other Clan leaders and likes it when they agree with his ideas, snarky to his Clan members except his mate and kits. Has a soft spot for the apprentices, because they're new to the Clan
Skills (highest to lowest): Fighting, hunting, digging, climbing, herbs, empathy.
Mental Health: fine
Kin: unknown
Mate: Iceshard
Kits: Ebonykit and Blazekit
Crush: Iceshard
Backstory: nah
Other: everyone thinks that the only reason he's as mean as he is is because he doesn't know who his kin is
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