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Mavira of Daibazaal Empty Mavira of Daibazaal

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:00 pm
Name: Mavira Zadra (nickname is Mav or Mavie)
Age/Species: 18 year old Galran
Gender/Sexuality: Female and pan
Role: Black Paladin
Appearance: In her Galra form: She has big fluffy cat-like ears and facial features. In her Human-ish form: Her hair is long and a deep purple colour. She has sidebangs that are normally tied up in a half ponytail. Her complexion is pale with the few odd scratches.
Psychical Injuries/Deformities: She is blind in one of her eyes and has poor vision in her other one. She has some scars around her eyes because of her shitty parents
Personality: She's a very happy person and looks after every single one of her teammates because that's what she was taught growing up. She does have some trust issues though because of her biological family
Mental Injuries/Deformities: Some mild PTSD that she has almost gotten over.
Species-Specific Things: (I'm just gonna say that she can make herself appear more human)
Skills: Fighting, making fair deals, compromising, making jokes (that's totally a skill don't judge me)
Relationships: Mav and Ryloria are rather close considering they grew up together. Her biological family is never discussed so she has 'forgotten' about them, but the BoM is practically family to her. (I can't be bothered to write their names Razz)
History: Not rn bro
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