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Ryloria of Altea Empty Ryloria of Altea

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:52 pm
Name: Ryloria
Age/Species: Human equivalent of 16 years old, Altean
Gender/Sexuality: Pansexual girl
Role: (Paladin, rebel, BoM or Galran empire member, etc) Blue Paladin
Appearance: dark chocolate coloured skin with dark, mud-brown eyes that have hints of gold around the iris. Long, silky black hair
Psychical Injuries/Deformities: A few scars on her right shoulder from past fights with annoying people
Personality: Very hot-headed and quick-witted, doesn't like working with other people much and thinks she's the best. Touch any of her friends and you'll burn in a fiery hell.
Mental Injuries/Deformities: Anger issues
Species-Specific Things: the strange Altean marks under her eyes (they're a soft lilac) and camouflage abilities
Skills: Fighting, taunting, piloting
Relationships: unknown
History: unknown
Misc: has a short-sword on her person at all times
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