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Quinn of Satheron Empty Quinn of Satheron

on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:53 am
Name: Quinn Arias
Age/Species: 17 in Earth years/Kryrm
Gender/Sexuality: Agender/Polysexual and polyromantic
Role: (Paladin, rebel, BoM or Galran empire member, etc) Green Paladin
Appearance: short with pastel greenish-blue skin and light purple hair. Nose is flat and is just holes, similar to a snake. Quinn has black bat-like wings and a lizard-like tail. Golden eyes with silver flecks.
Psychical Injuries/Deformities: does being short count as a deformity
Personality: Stubborn and rude. Doesn't like not getting their way, and can have meltdowns if something doesn't go according to plan. Quinn hates teamwork and prefers to go solo, due to her childhood.
Mental Injuries/Deformities: ADHD and suspected autism, also anxiety and minor depression (to put it in human terms)
Species-Specific Things: Wings, tail, strangely coloured skin
Skills: Using technology, flying, stealth, fighting, being an asshole
- Father: Kiriya Arias
- Mother: Ximena Arias
History: Quinn grew up on the planet of Satheron. At the age of five Earth years (10 Satheronian years), Quinn's oldest brother Zanetaz escaped the Kingdom's clutch and urged As a farmer's child, they were taught how to cook and sew, as well as (illegally) how to read and write. After being caught writing, Quinn's family was punished harshly, and they fled into the wild. Quinn stumbled upon the green lion, which took them into space. After floating around for a while, Quinn realised they were going to starve to death, and managed to communicate this to the lion, who lead them to Allura and the Castle. After a brief attempt at communicating, where they both realised there was a language barrier, so Quinn made a translator that changesd Quinn said to Altean and heard to Satheronian. Allura was delighted to be able to speak to Quinn, but the Satheron decided to only talk when absolutely necessary.
Misc: they don't trUST EASILY

(this took me like two days to write because i kept leaving it lmao)
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