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Kae of Earth

on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:53 am
Name: Kae Williams
Age/Species: 17/Human
Gender/Sexuality: Agender/Bisexual and polyromantic
Role: (Paladin, rebel, BoM or Galran empire member, etc) Green Paladin
Appearance: like me in real life but green streaks through hair (done after getting the green lion)
Psychical Injuries/Deformities: does being short count as a deformity
Personality: again like me irl
Mental Injuries/Deformities:
Species-Specific Things: um, human stuff like puberty is still happening
Skills: Stealth, tech, bonding with animals
- Father: Jacob Williams
- Mother: Stacey Larner
- Sisters: Imogen Williams (14), Amber Williams (Cool
- Brothers: Griffin Larner (10), Samuel Williams (6)
- Step-mum: Joe Ramaeker (dunno if that's spelled right lol) (with Jacob Williams)
- Step-dad: Lloyd Barrett (with Stacey Larner)
- Ex-datemate: Ash Rohl (rip relationship that hasn't ended irl don't worry)
History: As a kid, they were obsessed with technology and spent hours in front of a tv screen. By the time they were 11 years old, they'd cracked a top-secret code (which revealed a super secret message: i love pancakes) and invented 23 different languages (all of which they still use). At 13 years old they got in their first relationship with another agender person called Ash. They had a strong relationship for about two years, but everything fell apart when Ash's parents found out about their gender identity and the fact that they were dating Kae. Heartbroken, Kae tried to move on. At the age of 16, Kae was pulled into space one morning and almost died before Allura found them and told Kae 'hey, you're a Paladin of Voltron and you're gonna save the world Smile'
Misc: they/them/theirs/themself pronouns are used and they don't like most vegetables
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