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Bambi of Altea Empty Bambi of Altea

on Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:04 pm
Name: Bambi May
Age/Species: 16 1/2 years old Altean
Gender/Sexuality: Female bi bitch
Role: The Yellow Paladin
Appearance: Bambi of Altea Hairrr10
She has freckles dotted across her face but it's mainly on her nose and under her eyes. Her skin is tanned (even though there's never any sun in England). She has a pear figure but is pretty toned from exploring and climbing trees. Her appearance will only change slightly when she loses her human appearance (see species-specific things).
Psychical Injuries/Deformities: She has a notch in her ear from a knife accident and a couple of scars on her legs and arms from falling over and other knife accidents. (she isn't suicidal, just clumsy)
Personality: Bambi is very sweet and nice, she cares about other people a lot but keeps to herself. She is also very clumsy but somehow manages to not blurt out secrets. She overthinks a lot and worries a lot but manages to appear calm, when in reality, she's screaming inside.
Mental Injuries/Deformities:
Species-Specific Things: She is currently shape-shifted as a human due to her basic survival instincts and has never shown any signs of Altean-ness. When she gets angry, or is feeling something strongly, her cheek markings light up, but only for a second. (Her markings are a sunny yellow)
Skills: Astronomy, exploring/finding things, throwing knives, clumsiness ("it is a skill! shut up mum!" (she's saying that btw))
Relationships: Her adoptive father: Austin May (38), her adoptive mother: Felicia May (37) her younger twin sisters: Nadia and Nancy May (7)
History: Bambi was only a baby when the Altean and Galran war was happening. Her birthparents (who are unknown) sent her in a cryopod out of the castle. She was floating through space, un-aging, until she reached Earth. She was found nearby the home of the loving May family, who took her in and taught her everything she knows. To them, she appeared human, and nothing was out of the ordinary with her. She started getting obsessed with space and her parents and sisters never made a big deal about it. 6 months after she turned sixteen, she went exploring to find a good spot for star gazing. While looking, she came across a cave and discovered something inside...
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